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"To draw on knowledge, skills, qualifications, and experience to support children, young people, parents, and schools alike, with the overarching aim of improving wellbeing, offering guidance, and developing all-important life skills."

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Welcome to Focusing Minds. We aim to draw on skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience gained since 2005 to offer a fully comprehensive, personable and bespoke support service to children, young people, parents and schools.

Here you will find a range of services we provide. Need something different? Support packages can be constructed based on an individual’s or schools needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact to see how we can help.

Focusing Minds is a pivotal pastoral intervention at our academy. They provide a non-judgemental ear to many of our students posing behavioural challenges, repeatedly being suspended and who have mental health concerns. They are an asset to the team and constantly communicates with us around student concerns, strategies for the wider staff body to trial and uses our internal data systems to track student progress. They are fully committed to the students intervened with, not working in a silo as some other interventions we have trialled but understanding intervention only truly works when it complements the core pastoral and safeguarding strategy.
Michaela Lancaster Knaggs
Assistant Principal
Trinity Academy Cathedral

"Focusing Minds - get closer to achieving positive outcomes"



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Here at Focusing Minds, we have a real passion for supporting children, young people and schools. Since 2020, we are pleased to have developed a range of both private services and services delivered to schools through our passionate, experienced and highly knowledgeable staff. Come and meet the faces at the Focusing Minds team and learn how they can help your school or a young person you may know in need of some additional support right now.