Exploring the Use of External Provisions in Schools in 2024

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The educational landscape in the UK is continually evolving! In 2024, it is becoming more common for schools to turn to external provisions to enhance their educational offerings and support student well-being as they strive to provide a high-quality, comprehensive education experience to students. In our latest blog, explore the needs, benefits and draw-backs of using external support and how we at Focusing Minds place ourselves as a solution to your school’s pressing needs.

Understanding The Person-Centred Approach: The Principles And Applications In Our Services

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, the emphasis on individualised care and support has never been more crucial. The person-centred approach, originally rooted in psychotherapy, has transcended its origins to influence various fields such as healthcare, education, and social services. This approach prioritises the individual’s needs, preferences and values, ensuring they are at the heart of any work undertaken with them. In this blog, we will explore the fundamentals of the person-centred approach, its benefits, and its application to the work we undertake with young people at Focusing Minds. What is the Person-Centred Approach? The person-centred approach, developed by psychologist Carl… Read More »Understanding The Person-Centred Approach: The Principles And Applications In Our Services

Lockdown: the impacts on our children

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The government recently announced expectations for all children to return to school in September. By this time, the majority will have been absent from the classroom for a staggering six months. Naturally, it is not just the teaching and learning time the students have missed out on; UNICEF claiming that children will have missed out on some 700 million days of teacher contact time. For some, school is a place of safety, a place of routine, a place where they can learn a whole host of life skills outside the pressures of receiving good grades and results. The period of… Read More »Lockdown: the impacts on our children

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Keep a healthy mind: Covid-19 lockdown

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These are unprecedented times. The Covid-19 outbreak is a global problem affecting every continent on the planet: wreaking havoc across health services, stifling economies and significantly, since being introduced in the UK on March 23rd, plunging us into an often described ‘new way of living’ through lockdown. The restrictions of the lockdown, the requests to stay at home for all but essential travel for supplies, food, medical appointments, exercise or work, are being described by most outlets as ‘draconian’ but however it’s viewed, it’s a reality we all have to cope with. The pressures raised by the lockdown, in terms… Read More »Keep a healthy mind: Covid-19 lockdown

Stay safe online

Stay safe online: a handy parent guide

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The internet: home of vast quantities of information and imagery at the click of a button. It has its many benefits of course but in this growing digital age, where many people have easy access to the web and social media platforms through personal tech, it has given rise to many children getting on the bandwagon too. According to a report, published in February 2020, by Ofcom, the UKs communications regulator, parents and carers are giving their children greater digital independence from a younger age. The same report however also found that, for the first time, more parents feel the… Read More »Stay safe online: a handy parent guide