Services to schools and education settings

Would your setting benefit from our bespoke and person-centered support?

We work with students and staff to offer a comprehensive service to schools and education settings. We recognise that every setting is unique and our approach is designed to fit seamlessly with your current systems and operations with the aim of providing an exception service, offering value for money and above all, to help make a difference!

At a time when budgets and staffing teams may be stretched, let us help boost your pastoral or safeguarding team numbers without the commitment of a full-time member of staff. We offer flexible and adaptable support, starting from as little as half days per week and coupled with our commitment to offer incredible services at great value, why pay more for the support you need?

Whether your setting would benefit from our brand of mentoring support, you require consultation on school matters or would like to explore CPD for staff, why not contact us today to discover more about what we can offer?

Services to schools and education settings:

  • We work within your team and set ups but we also work independently. Following a brief induction, you can expect us to collect students from class for their sessions, complete profiles and effectively manage time without the need for consistent staff support.

  • 18 years’ experience of working with children and young people, including 14 in school settings.

  • A focus on the key elements of behaviour and SEMH support, both areas covered by just one organisation.

  • Vast experience in a range of fields, including: pastoral management, academic progress monitoring, safeguarding support and primary-secondary transition.

  • An understanding of mental health support for young people, including qualifications such as certification in person-centred counselling skills.

  • Increase your setting’s pastoral capacity at relatively low cost, bespoke support for offering incredible value for money.

  • Competency in using education-based systems including Bromcoms, SIMS and CPOMS.

  • Enhanced DBS checked staff, available on the update system and our own safeguarding policy worked alongside that of your setting.

Education Services

Mentoring support: behaviour

We bring our signature, bespoke mentoring support into your setting, providing students with a service which puts them at the heart of the work we do. If you have students who are at risk of managed moves or permanent exclusions, who present challenging behaviour, struggling to engage or you feel would benefit from simply having an outside ear, this service is ideal for your school!

Our support optimises a person-centered approach, giving young people the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings in a judgement-free environment. Packed with positivity, we aim to empower and embolden, offering suitable strategies where required to reduce behaviour incidents, increase engagement and have an overall positive impact. We like to go the extra mile, so to increase engagement further, we offer a range of activities which can be undertaken in sessions to help and maintain a positive working relationship. From developing food recipes to various sports, from art and design to building with STEM sets including K’Nex and Meccano, we leave no stone unturned in discovering students’ likes and, where possible, incorporating them into sessions.

You can expect full collaboration with your current teams and systems, allowing our staff to seamlessly fit into your organisation and significantly increase the likelihood of positive impacts on students. Our profiling system also allows your staff to keep up-to-date with all aspects of session work undertaken as well as providing handy evidence of impact.


Whether you’re a high school setting with disengaging students, or are a referral unit setting with students attaining a low percentage of attendance, we offer outreach support to build bridges between home and school with the ultimate aim of getting young people back into education settings. Through our approach, we take the time to build effective relationships with parents and young people in their own environment or locally – such as a coffee stop at a café or even lunch at a nearby restaurant – offering a consistent and reliable link back to school and education settings. We think outside the box to seek ways to increase or improve engagement and attendance but balance this to fit within your own establishment’s policies . Part of our work in this remit also offers relevant or necessary referrals to outside agencies e.g. such as Open Minds and more.

Mentoring support: wellbeing

If you have concerns regarding your students’ wellbeing or feel they have entry level mental health needs, our wellbeing mentoring services aim to provide an assuring environment where they can discuss their experiences, free of judgement and pressures. Using our person-centered approach, your students are afforded empathy and understanding, creating a strong environment in which to share their voice . Whether you have students suffering with self-confidence concerns, struggle with low-level anxiety, have recently experienced challenging life events or simply need someone to talk to not connected to their everyday life, our wellbeing support services can be of help. 

Utilising our skills and knowledge, we work with students to develop strategies which are tailor made to their experiences to help prevent a need to refer to more complex services later down the line. We build effective and trusting working relationships with your students to help boost confidence and self-resolution skills, allowing them to better manage life events as a young person in today’s society. 

Staff CPD:

Linking with our student support behaviour services, we offer staff CPD to assist teachers, assistants and other school-based staff to build effective and long-lasting relationships with students, based on our own person-centred approach. Our CPD sessions look at strategies to develop effective adult-child relationships in the school setting, helping to improve student engagement and behaviour in the classroom and around school.


The primary to secondary transition period can be one of great worry for Year 6 students and their parents alike. A good start to high-school life can be so important to help new students settle into their surroundings and quickly gain a belonging. We have over seven years of experience in transition management and aim to bring the knowledge we have to both primary and secondary schools to support students and staff when it comes to the big move. If you’re a secondary looking to tweak your existing transition plans or a primary wanting to offer your staff guidance on high school life for Year 7s, why not contact us to see how we can help? You can find further information on our transition services on the dedicated transition page.

What people say about us

Headway is a pivotal pastoral intervention at our academy. Andy provides a non-judgemental ear to many of our students posing behavioural challenges, repeatedly being suspended and who have mental health concerns. He is an asset to the team and constantly communicates with us around student concerns, strategies for the wider staff body to trial and uses our internal data systems to track student progress. He is fully committed to the students he intervenes with, not working in a silo as some other interventions we have trialled but understanding intervention only truly works when it compliments the core pastoral and safeguarding strategy.
Michaela Lancaster-Knaggs – Assistant Principal – Trinity Academy Cathedral
Andy is detailed, meticulous and methodical in his contributions to our school. He maintains a high level of professionalism in all of his work. He supports our students academically, emotionally and in their behaviour through his excellent communication skills and genuine care for young people. He has also built excellent relationships with our primary stakeholders and this has ensured an extremely smooth transition to secondary school for students and their parents. Andy is highly knowledgeable of and experienced in the transition process.
Liz White - Senior Leader - Alder
Andy has worked within our safeguarding team and as a first aider. He has been a dedicated member of our staff who has worked incredibly hard to support the students at our school. He has been extremely conscientious and professional in all duties carried out. Andy has always been student focused going the extra mile to provide high quality support for all.
Sean Carragher - Vice Principal – All Saints Catholic College, Huddersfield
Headway support has and continues to be a great addition to our portfolio of services for the most vulnerable students in our setting. We recognise the positive impact the support has with our students, whether support is for behaviour, wellbeing or SEMH needs and students themselves speak highly of their sessions and how they are impacted by them.
Rob Marsh – Executive Principal - Trinity MAT