Irlen Syndrome generally affects 14% of the population. This visual processing issue can often be confused with other learning needs and may have an impact on educational progress and even classroom behaviour. Do you feel someone you know would benefit from a screening? Read on…

I have struggled with photo sensitivity for as long as I can remember though I assumed it was something everyone experienced and subsequently have tried to adapt when focusing on a screen or when reading - especially where light was a bit brighter than I could deal with. I took an Irlen screening with Andy at Focusing Minds and realised the issues I had been experiencing could be easily fixed.The consultation was simple and Andy was very supportive throughout, thoroughly explaining each stage in the process.

I would absolutely recommend a screening with Andy - this has been a hidden issue throughout my life and I would have seen huge benefit had I been able to access a screening earlier or during my school years.
Gemma Humphrey, Adult Learner

Screening Services

Irlen Syndrome screening

Irlen is a visual perception issue related to the brain’s ability to process visual information. It is currently experienced by around 14% of the UK population as a whole, with 46% of individuals also experiencing other reading or learning difficulties, including dyslexia. The problem can manifest itself differently for each individual and can often be a lifetime barrier to learning and performance. Typically, Irlen can cause reading problems, strain and fatigue, headaches and attention or concentration problems.

The screening process typically takes up to an hour to complete and can inform as to which colour overlay(s) significantly reduce the effects of light sensitivity in an individual. Our screenings are followed by a written report for schools and parents/carers and one A4-size Irlen overlay to be used when reading.