The primary to secondary school transition phase can be one of the most daunting times, for children and parents alike. It’s also an exceptionally busy time for schools, with an aim of making the change as smooth as possible for all concerned. With so much going on, take a look at how we can help…

Having been a transition lead for a considerable amount of time, I know how difficult some children and parents can find the transition process. Similarly, I know first hand just how busy a time it can be for both primary and secondary colleagues. I'm in the school of thinking that, for a student to feel more settled when they start high school, the transition process should be as smooth as possible for them and every single child is important in the process. I always keep that in mind, so working thoroughly with all stakeholders and regular, concise communication is at the forefront of what I do.
Andy Heaton, Owner

Transition Services

Primary to Secondary Mentoring

Heading off to secondary education can be a worrying, anxiety-inducing time for children. The thought of the significant changes moving to secondary school can bring often pushes our children outside of their comfort zone; trying to take on all the new rules, standards and expectations for some can be a truly daunting task.

To help prepare children for the challenges ahead, a course of transition mentoring may help. Drawing on personal experiences of the transition process, sessions cover core skills, such as organisation and communication whilst also looking at general high school life and what to expect.

Transition activity events

Three-day courses for Year 6 students in the last half-term of the school year and over the summer holiday period. These events will cover basic literacy and numeracy but also feature ice-breakers, fun team-building/communication activities, online safety, social media and general preparation for high school life.

Transition consultancy – for parents/carers

The transition process can equally be a daunting time for parents; consultancy aims to offer practical support and reassurance to those who may themselves be anxious about their child starting at high school. Sessions are tailor-made to individual requirements, from high school expectations to support with the appeals process, no concern is too small.

Transition consultancy – for schools

It is appreciated that every secondary school intake is as unique as the school itself. With this in mind, consultancy for schools is a truly bespoke package, tailor-made to an individual schools needs. With 7 years experience as transition lead, you can be confident that the consultancy package is developed with your school in mind, whether this is simply information collation or advice to a full transition support package.

Year 7 All-Year-Round support

With the changes experienced during transition from primary school to secondary school, some children take longer than others to get used to how high school works in comparison to their experiences of primary school.

Whereas some children may adapt quite quickly and feel comfortable in their new surroundings early on during Year 7, others may take longer to reach a similar point. This service aims to support those students who may benefit from support during the school year at varying stages, with support and sessions tailor-made to their specific needs.

This service can also benefit a year group through various settling in activities undertaken during the first term at secondary school in registration, form time, vertical tutoring periods or PSHE lessons.